Our Vision

At Messiah Lutheran Church we strive to build a vibrant community of Christian disciples in which the gospel is preached, growth in grace is encouraged through a supportive environment, and where Christian living and servanthood is modeled and nurtured.

Together in Mission
We seek to turn our values and vision into action. The following action steps are offered as concrete inspiration for how our community can live out these values each and every day:
  • Unconditional Love: Be warm-hearted to all. Two or three times a week, initiate a meaningful conversation with a person who may be diffrent from you. Lay aside judgement and seek understanding.
  • Hospitality: Be welcoming. Once a week, endeavor to make a new friend or aquaintance. Share a meal with another person outside your own family.
  • Sharing the Power of God's Grace: Be a living example of Christ's love and compassion. Each day pray for and be open to opportunities to share the love of Christ with another. Be ready to offer forgiveness and seek forgiveness.
  • Serving our Neighbor: Be loving in word and deed. Daily pray for and be open to opportunities to bless someone with practical assistance.
  • Growth in Grace: Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Set aside a block of time daily or weekly for reading God's Word, spiritual reflection, and prayer.