Join us for worship with Holy Communion every Sunday at 10:30 AM

 At Messiah, our worship service includes singing, scripture reading, a sermon, and the celebration of Holy Communion. If you join us in person, the bulletin will guide you through the service. Everyone, and we do mean everyone, is warmly invited to receive Holy Communion on Sunday.

Everyone has a place at Christ’s table. That includes children! Jesus welcomed children to be at his side, and so we believe all God's children have a place in Sunday worship. We consider the "joyful noises" and the wiggles of children in the pews as praise-filled addtions (not distractions) to our Sunday services. Parents can pick up "Little Lutheran" worship bags on the back pew of the sanctuary with activities for children to engage in during worship. During the service, children are also invited to the front of the sanctuary for a children's sermon. We invite parents to consider sitting towards the front of the sanctuary; this will allow children to have a better view of the many sights and sounds of worship. 


You can worship with us virtually. You'll find a livestream of the service each Sunday on Facebook and Youtube. The Order of Service is also available online.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you via our contact page.