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On April 27th and 28th, Messiah members traveled to Shreveport, Louisianna for the 2023 Assembly of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisianna Synod. Anthony Ormsbee-Hale, Roseann Moen, and Pastor Franz Schemmel represented Messiah as our voting delegates. 

Each year, leaders from the over 100 worshipping communities of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisianna synod gather for worship, learning, and discerning the future and business of our mission together. This year, we heard keynote addresses from Pastor Joe and Deacon Jess Liles of The Neighborhood Church in Betonville, Arkansas. Pastor Joe and Deacon Jess provided inspiring stories and tools for how congregations can practice "holy experimentation" and embrace the opportunities for preaching the Gospel in a new and ever-changing world. Our Messiah delegation returned home with glad tidings from our partners in ministry across the region and lots of new ideas for how our Messiah family can continue our ministry of love and welcome to those in our local community.