Fajitas for lunch Sunday

Fajitas! For our final Summer Sandwich Love of 2015, Messiah will enjoy a fajita lunch for everyone after the 10:30 service on Sunday, Aug. 23.  What a treat.

It’s good food and fellowship and fun… to make a couple of important points:

1. We want to recognize and thank all those who volunteered in the “Healthy Kids” Summer Lunch Program and;

2. School is starting soon so this is a back-to-school celebration for all our teachers, students, and parents.

Join our Messiah friends for fajita lunch on Sunday!

Back-to-school supplies are coming in

Back to schoolThanks to all the folks who brought school supplies for kids and teachers across the street at Austin Elementary School. There’s still time to bring backpacks and all kinds of supplies. Thanks to the Outreachers for sponsoring this great project. Back to school backpacks