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Revising the schedule for `Reading the bible together’

Congratulations to all who have been participating in  Reading the Bible Together. Many of our Messiah community have been enriched by the daily readings. Anyone who has not begun reading may begin now; it is not important to have been with the program from the beginning. You are invited to participate in the Wednesday evening discussion groups. Those who have been coming for the fellowship meal and discussion have been having a great time and learning a lot.

We have received some feedback that our reading schedule was just a bit too ambitious.  Some folks have said that they are falling behind. To prevent anyone from becoming discouraged. we have revised the schedule of New Testament readings through the end of the year.

Also, we have left Sundays and Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day offf the schedule so we can relax or use the day to catch up.

We will still be able to finish the New Testament by the end of the year.

Revised Reading Schedule

Friday 11/14/14 2 Thessalonians 1-2
Saturday 11/15/14 2 Thessalonians 3
Sunday 11/16/14
Monday 11/17/14 1 Timothy 1-2
Tuesday 11/18/14 1 Timothy 3-4
Wednesday 11/19/14 1 Timothy 5-6
Thursday 11/20/14 2 Timothy 1-2
Friday 11/21/14 2 Timothy 3-4
Saturday 11/22/14 Titus and Philemon
Sunday 11/23/14
Monday 11/24/14 Hebrews 1-2
Tuesday 11/25/14 Hebrews 3-4
Wednesday 11/26/14 Hebre4ws 5-6
Thursday 11/27/14
Friday 11/28/14 Hebrews 7-8
Saturday 11/29/14 Hebrews 9-10
Sunday 11/30/14
Monday 12/01/14 Hebrews 11-12
Tuesday 12/02/14 Hebrews 13
Wednesday 12/03/14 James 1-2
Thursday 12/04/14 James 3-4
Friday 12/05/14 James 5
Saturday 12/06/14 1 Peter 1-2
Sunday 12/07/14
Monday 12/08/14 1 Peter 3-4
Tuesday 12/09/14 1 Peter 5, 2 Peter 1
Wednesday 12/10/14 2 Peter 2-3
Thursday 12/11/14 1 John 1-2
Friday 12/12/14 1 John 3-4
Saturday 12/13/14 1 John 5, 2 John
Sunday 12/14/14
Monday 12/15/14 3 John, Jude
Tuesday 12/16/14 Revelation 1-2
Wednesday 12/17/14 Revelation 3-4
Thursday 12/18/14 Revelation 5-6
Friday 12/19/14 Revelation 7-8
Saturday 12/20/14 Revelation 9-10
Sunday 12/21/14
Monday 12/22/14 Revelation 11-12
Tuesday 12/23/14 Revelation 13-14
Wednesday 12/24/14
Thursday 12/25/14
Friday 12/26/14 Revelation 15-16
Saturday 12/27/14 Revelation 17-18
Sunday 12/28/14
Monday 12/29/14 Revelation 19-20
Tuesday 12/30/14 Revelation 21-22


Here is our fall wednesday evening schedule

Wednesday evenings are a fun time at Messiah. We are getting together for a light meal and bible study.  We are Reading the Bible Together (yes, that’s a theme).  Find our daily readings at our Facebook page.

6:00 Fellowship Supper . A light supper and good fellowship for everyone. The meal is provided by our members. No need to bring anything. Just show up – all are welcome.
6:30 Youth Group (junior high and high school) meets for study, fellowship, and fun. Contact Christy Hughes for more information: 817-597-9444 or
6:30 Small Group Discussions of the previous week’s chapters of our Reading the Bible Together project.
7:30 Choir Practice . Come and give choir a try. No auditions; every singer is welcome.

Join us Saturday, October 11, at 5:30 for our Mission Fest to aid Ebola-affected communities in West Africa

The Ebola crisis is spiraling out of control in West Africa,  becoming a humanitarian and food crisis. We sometimes feel helpless, but we must do something. The NTNL Lutheran Mission has collected two containers full of material for use in Sierra Leone’s clinics and hospitals.

We can do more. We must help with food aid as well.

All proceeds from our Mission Fest will go to Ebola aid. Now is the time to invite your friends, co-workers and family! It’s Saturday, Oct. 11, 5:30 to 7:30 P.M.

We’re planning a luscious dinner (baked ham, fried chicken, potatoes, salad, homemade bread, and cobbler) with a freewill offering for the meal. Our silent auction will be back along with the popular cake walk, plus other fun for kids and music by Eight Track (a great local band). A new feature: a drawing for a fabulous vintage quilt!

Click here for a map to the church.